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Realization of Revit Pipeline Auto-labeling Method
Changhua Li, Tong Li, Fangxiao Zhou, Huanhuan Cui
doi: 10.16670/j.cnki.c.n11-5823/tu.2016.01.16
Based on the actual engineering requirements of Revit pipeline auto-labeling, this paper divides parallel pipeline labels into two categories of no-adjustable and adjustable parallel pipeline labels and describes three situations which will lead to pipeline diameter changes.In addition, the paper puts forward a method of using lead vertical to solve the problem of the changeable diameter parallel pipes labeling.The experimental results show that: this kind of labeling methods greatly increase labeling efficiency, and compared to the use of Revit interactive interface, they simplifies the operation, improve the labeling efficiency and provide some experiences for secondary development in the future.
key words: Revit Secondary Development, Building Information Modeling, Pipeline Labeling
Building Information Model of Web Side Reconstruction and 3D Interaction Method Research
Changhua Li, Hanyue Zhang, Fangxiao Zhou
doi: 10.16670/j.cnki.cn11-5823/tu.2017.02.08
Under the present BIM technology background, in view that most existing BIM servers are under C/S frameworks, issues appears in higher request on the computer software and hardware, failure in cross-platform operation, etc. This reports our work on implementing reconstruction of BIM model on web, and realizing collecting the building model and acquiring its properties.The method is mainly divided into two parts.Firstly, the BIM model is derived from Revit, and secondly, the model information exported can achieve 3D interaction on Web, which possesses good user experience.
key words: Building Information Model, WebGL, 3D Interaction

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