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Application of Construction Information Management Platform Based on BIM
Pingping Rao, Xiaodong Liang, Jiaxin Liu, Ming Xu, Xiangyu Wang, Xichu Wang
doi: 10.16670/j.cnki.cn11-5823/tu.2017.03.17
In recent years, the application and popularization of BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology have been severely limited by information island issue, which is resulted for complex problems, such as the design and construction separation, modeling repetition, lacking of overall life cycle management, etc. For the reasons above, combing with examples of project development, this paper proposed a BIM-based construction information management platform collecting all data of the BIM models during the whole management period. The construction of the platform involves the application of BIM modeling technology, computer programming technology, internet technology, and etc. On this platform, the information-island problem can be solved, and real-time collaboration of BIM technology can be realized in the construction stage. Moreover, this paper provides an idea of new method for the BIM development and application.
key words: Building Information Modeling (BIM) Technology, Information Island, Construction Information Management Platform, Collaboration
Application of Combined BIM and VR Technology in Urban Underground Engineering
Pingping Rao, Qiao Liao, Jiaxin Liu, Rui Wang, Hongxia Ban
doi: 10.16670/j.cnki.cn11-5823/tu.2018.03.03
As the urban construction is developing rapidly, the development and utilization of urban underground space has become an important development direction. The combined BIM and VR Technology can be applied in the urban underground engineering. A quality model templates is firstly drawn in virtual environment by using Revit, a BIM software. Then the 3DS MAX software is applied for the lighting, material rendering and animation. The exported animation video in avi format achieves immersive dynamic roaming by using the storm mirror, a VR software. The above technical route solves the construction safety and quality problems caused by the limited construction space and complicated pipelines.
key words: BIM, Urban Underground Engineering, Revit, Pile Foundation, VR, 3DS MAX

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