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Video Application based on BIM
Wenyue Bao, Lizhi Lou, Wei Chen, Minfeng Huang
At present, most of the design program of domestic design companies was made by animation production company. With the development of BIM technology, making video by BIM model, using BIM in project bidding, not only could save video expenses for the design unit, but also could bring generous returns.
key words: BIM, Video, Sharing Model
Application of BIM in Engineering Lofting and Post Processing
Wei Chen
doi: 10.16670/j.cnki.cn11-5823/tu.2016.04.15
Based on BIM applications, this article introduces the application of BIM in Shen Du pumping station project.According to the research, this article explains the advantages and disadvantages of lofting based on BIM, and studies Revit second development technology.After joining the lofting pile BIM, effective completion data is formed.In the end, the article takes a look into the future of the BIM.
key words: BIM, Shen Du Pumping Station, Revit Development
The Application Of Hardware in Chen Xiang Road Project
Wei Chen, Wen Qin,
Based on BIM applications, this paper introduced the application of hardware in Chen Xiang Road project.According to the research, this paper explained the advantages and disadvantages of hardware and prominents action at each of stages. At last it looked in to the future of hardware based BIM.
key words: BIM, Chen Xiang Road, Robot Total Station
Design and Implementation of Online Construction Drawings Review Management System
Wei Chen, Xinliang Liu, Yan Yuan, Wenli Zhou, Yaojun Shen
doi: 10.16670/j.cnki.cn11-5823/tu.2017.05.13
With the arrival of the Internet plus era, we developed a web-based online construction drawings reviewing and managing system, to meet the digitization transformation requirements of construction drawing reviewing work from traditional paper document mode all over the country.This paper introduces the business process of the construction drawing review, the function design and implementation of the system, the key technologies, and etc.The system realizes the systematization and standardization of the reviewing process, which scientifically manages the drawings and improves the management level and the service efficiency and quality of the drawing review process.
key words: Paperless Office, Construction Drawings, Web, Management System
Design and Implementation of Information System Development Platform with Distributed Component Infrastructure
Wei Chen, Xinliang Liu, Yan Yuan, Wenli Zhou, Weidong Zhao, Mingqin Gao
doi: 10.16670/j.cnki.cn11-5823/tu.2017.06.18
With the rapid-developing Internet technology and constant-emerging new skills, the information platforms also need to be updated to adapt to more diverse needs and lager data.Limited to the development of technology before, the traditional information development platform, which employs the development mode of combinedfront-end and back-end, can be functional restricted to each other at the front and back ends, which leads to low efficiency in interacting with large numbers of data, and heavy work in platform maintaining and upgrading. In this paper, a new platform is designed and developed by using front-end and back-end separation, which enables the separate distribution of the back-end service components for more efficient and standardized services. The front-end realizes various functions by calling different components, providing the underlying technology architecture and general module, which enables developers to concentrate more on industry business. On that basis, the design objectives, infrastructure design, functional design, and etc. are elaborated in the paper.
key words: Distributed Infrastructure, Information System Development Platform, WCF
The Application Of BIM In EPC Project
Wei Chen, Wen Qin
This paper introduces the BIM concept firstly. According to the features and advantages of the authentic of Chen Xiang Road, this paper analyzes the application of BIM in the EPC project, and summaries the problems in the research. According to the research, the BIM model can be used fully in the EPC project. In the last, it can aid design and construction, and it can provide some reference value for the EPC project management.
key words: Chen Xiang Road, BIM, Modeling, EPC
Plot Structural Drawing based on BIM
Wen Qin, Wei Chen, Xiaoping Ji
Currently, plot architectural drawing based on BIM is already common, but it is rare to see plot structural drawing based on BIM.With the practice of Chen Xiang Road tunnel project which plotted structural drawing with BIM model, we discussed and analysed the application of BIM software in plotting structural drawing.It demonstrated that plotted architectural drawing based on BIM can be applied to actual BIM projects.
key words: BIM, Chen Xiang Road, Plot Structural Drawing

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