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Study on BIM-Based Parametric Plug-in for Pipeline Hangers
Hongjie Pan, Shoujun Du, Xuehui Zhang, Yake Li, Anpeng Wei, Teng Song
doi: 10.16670/j.cnki.cn11-5823/tu.2019.02.19
This paper has studied and developed a BIM-based parametric plug-in for pipeline hangers. The plug--in is for the modeling software of Revit to create a parametric pipeline hanger models. Through the secondary development of Revit, the pipeline hanger layout function is realized to improve the construction efficiency and precision of pipeline hanger layout in installation engineering. Meanwhile, the checking function of pipeline hanger is realized for the convenience of the optimization of design scheme.
key words: Installation Engineering, BIM, Secondary Development of Revit, Pipe Hanger, Check
Research on Application of BIM and VR Technology in Hotel Decoration Engineering
Xuehui Zhang, Liyang Wang, Fei Yang
doi: 10.16670/j.cnki.cn11-5823/tu.2020.02.13
Aiming at solving the problems existed in the traditional decoration projects, including the incomplete information expression, obstacles in communication with owners, cumbersome design changes, and the passive position of owner while selecting decoration effect diagrams, this paper applies the BIM and VR technology in the decoration engineering to propose an autonomous decoration design method taking the BIM family library as core. The method is able to take the advantage of visualization and VR, and possesses innovative value in timeliness, full-time availability, interactivity and autonomy of decoration engineering. Application results show that the autonomous decoration design method based on BIM and VR earns higher satisfaction and fitness from owners.
key words: BIM+VR, Autonomous Design, Barrier Free Information Communication

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