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Study on BIM-based Project Controlling Platform of Wuhan Yangsigang Yangtze River Bridge
Youyue Lu, Zhiming He, Wenbo Qin, Yawei Qin
doi: 10.16670/j.cnki.cn11-5823/tu.2017.06.03
This paper firstly elaborates the difficulties of super-large bridge project management, as well as the status of the application of project controlling in the field of traffic engineering. Through the analysis of defects of project controlling mode in information collection, processing and analysis, as well as analysis of advantages of BIM technology application in the project controlling, a BIM-based project controlling mode is proposed, and a BIM-based project controlling platform is established. The overall structure of the platform consists of eight major functional modules, to achieve the implementation of BIM-based project controlling mode. At last, applications of the platform in the Wuhan Yangsigang Yangtze River Bridge project have achieved good results, which provides useful references for the BIM technology applications in the project controlling mode.
key words: Project Controlling, BIM, Super-large Bridge, Management Mode, Management Platform
Research on Demolition Management Information System and it′s Application in Yangsigang Yangtze River Bridge
Yawei Qin, Sheng Liu, Wenjin Ma, Cheng Gong, Ke Zhang
doi: 10.16670/j.cnki.cn11-5823/tu.2018.02.21
This paper firstly elaborates the features and significance of demolition management in infrastructure construction.By analyzing the main business and functional requirements of the demolition management system, this paper puts forward the demolition management based on BIM.Its goal, content and structure has been analyzed in the paper.Finally, with the demolition management module in Yang Si Gang Bridge Demolition Management Information System.The superiority and advanced nature of the demolition management method based on BIM have been illustrated sufficiently.It provides a useful reference for the demolition management in similar construction projects.
key words: Demolition Management, Management System, Building Information Modeling, Infrastructure
Study on Application of BIM-Based Digital Management System of Pipelines in Yangsigang Yangtze River Bridge Project
Youyue Lu, Cheng Gong, Ke Zhang, Yawei Qin, Zhihe Bi
doi: 10.16670/j.cnki.cn11-5823/tu.2018.03.07
With the continuous development of urban modernization, problems appear in current underground pipeline information management in the old town area, including complex pipeline ownership and relationship, unclear underground pipeline layout, and etc. In order to solve these problems, a BIM-based digital management system for underground pipelines is proposed, and its role in the whole process of pipeline project is analyzed. Finally, the underground pipeline digital management system is applied to the Yangsigang Yangtze River Bridge project in Wuhan to achieve the functions of information classification, information retrieval, information visualization and collision detection for underground pipelines. The system effectively improves the management efficiency, increases the project revenue, and provides useful references for BIM technology combined with underground pipeline information management.
key words: Digital Management System, Complex Underground Pipeline, BIM, Whole Process

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